I want to break the perception of food being a prison, and help people find their Appetite For Life. No one wants a complicated program where you feel frustrated because you can't maintain impossible standards of a machine like weight loss approach.  My approach to assisting clients in weight loss is by utilizing simple, real life, no-brainer strategies.  This is a fail proof, proven method that will ensure you can maintain your weight loss even fifty years down the road.



Certified Nutritional Consultant, Lindsay Lewis, has developed a proven method to help her clients and client families reach his or her highest potential through a comprehensive program of services.

What You can expect

The greatest part about the Appetite For Life Program is each meeting takes place in a new, real life settings. You’ll never find yourself bored because you’ll have the opportunity to explore. You'll meet in real life situations like at the grocery stores, restaurants, your kitchen, convenience stores, food cafeterias and organization stores etc.

Achieve Weight Loss

Gain a new understanding of food products and labels

 Mindful and Intuitive eating

Improving symptoms of ADD & ADHD

Learn how to maintain weight loss

Change reward systems

Never yo-yo diet again!

The Program

Why It's The Best

Lindsay Lewis